Seated in Heavenly Places: Training for Reigning


Wendy Hibbard

Wendy is an experienced Creative and Writing Coach, and a Prophetic, Inner Healing, and Deliverance Minister known for her strong seer gift, mentorship, and her depth of knowledge of DID/SRA. She works with a wide range of people, including youth, business and ministry leaders, and survivors of traumatic and ritual abuse. She spent five years studying in Wisconsin, and another ten in Nashville, Tennessee training and leading in prophetic ministry, inner healing, physical healing, and deliverance with Powerhouse Ministries Nashville and  Kingdom Life Institute at Global Fire Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

After more than a decade of providing private prophetic consultation, workshops, and mentorships by request, Wendy formally launched her own coaching business and ministry, SHP Coaching, in 2015.  “SHP” was born from a workshop created by Wendy called Seated In Heavenly Places. The goal: help those struggling to break free from some of the most severe forms of spiritual bondage learn how to step into the justice of God as they unlock their true identity in Jesus. Learning to walk in the phenomenal authority available to us as believers in Christ is essential, and a key part of Wendy’s work. It is literally training for reigning.

Since then, Wendy and SHP have helped many on the path to healing, discovering their gifts, and moving into a more powerful relationship with Jesus than they ever knew possible. It’s an incredible journey. Coupled with her own personal healing testimony, Wendy carries a sensitivity and insights often lacking elsewhere.

In 2020, at the beginning of the U.S. Coronavirus outbreak, God asked Wendy to found a writing group. It was to be a place for established and emerging writers to rise and shine, as well as a place to create community in a dark and unnerving time. Simply called, The Writing Room, the group did double duty as a pandemic support group. The group continues today, with a focus on healing, providing a safe place for community, and equipping overcomers to share their testimonies with workshops, storytelling nights, and collective anthology projects. 

In addition to coaching and ministry, Wendy is also an artist, writer, speaker, workshop leader, and friend of Jesus. Her personal place of worship is The Fire Church of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


Darla Guerra

In the early days of SHP Coaching, Darla teamed up with Wendy in many ministry sessions, where her caring, pastoral heart truly shines. These days she works primarily behind the scenes managing scheduling, administration, and communication needs. Darla’s passions include health and wellness, prayer ministry, and support for survivors of traumatic abuse, including dissociative identity disorder and satanic ritual abuse. She has been a member of Gateway Church in Frisco, Texas since 2012, where she has participated in co-leading study groups.


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